Setup & Migration in 5 Easy Steps

Moving to a new system can be intimidating, but rest assured that our team is trained and ready to assist you every step of the way. Here’s what the NuLaw implementation process looks like in 5 simple steps:



The NuLaw team evaluates your firm’s operational needs by performing a full audit of your day-to-day software usage. The result is a software map that outlines every tool you use and the exact flow of data from start to finish – every person, every function, every touchpoint.



Next, our team works with you to develop custom workflows, documents, email templates, user permissions, integrations, reports, dashboards, custom fields and more. This is a highly customized, hands-on process.


Data Migration

We then carefully determine where your data lives in your existing systems and develop a detailed data map that outlines where every piece of information will migrate into the NuLaw platform.



NuLaw goes live with all your custom settings and data. Our team is all-hands-on-deck during this critical phase to ensure that everything goes smoothly and to make any necessary real-time adjustments.



Finally, our training experts teach your staff to be power users. We are here to assist you in making NuLaw an indispensable part of your law practice, and our training and support services extend well beyond your go-live.

Let's Build Your NuLaw

Our team is ready to customize NuLaw with the features your firm needs to succeed.