We can think of a lot of great reasons to upgrade to the NuLaw legal case management application. Perhaps none is as important as the need for mobility. Because NuLaw is based in the cloud, you can take your data anywhere. All you need is an internet connection and a device to get online.

Use your laptop at the courthouse to logon and file documents. Use your cell phone to communicate remotely with clients in NuLaw’s secure communications portal. Simply put, NuLaw brings mobility to legal case management by giving you access to your data 24/7.

Mobility is Important to Modern Law

SEO experts have been telling their clients for years just how important mobility is. They cite annual statistics that show growing numbers of internet users relying primarily on their cell phones to do what they do online. Unfortunately, we do not hear these sorts of things as they pertain to the legal industry. We should. Why? Because mobility is particularly important to modern law.

According to an ABA study, 95% of attorneys working for firms with 100 or more lawyers telecommute to some degree. In addition, 66% of solo practitioners telecommute as well. Those numbers may not be surprising if you are among the attorneys who work this way.

Here are some other interesting stats from the study:

  • The average attorney telecommutes 40 days annually
  • Nearly half of all attorneys use a tablet when working out of the office
  • Laptops and smartphones are the most used devices for telecommuting
  • Most lawyers who telecommute (78%) do so from home.

It is clear that the modern attorney doesn’t always do his or her work from the office or courtroom. Attorneys work from home. They work while on vacation, enjoying a cup of coffee at their favorite coffee shop, etc. The only way this is possible is to have access to one’s legal case management application remotely.

Built with Mobility in Mind

Here at NuLaw, we have gone to great lengths to make sure our legal case software is mobile friendly. You might even say it was built with mobility in mind. NuLaw is a case management application that relies on the popular Salesforce CRM app as its foundation. That app was mobile friendly long before NuLaw was built on top of it.

NuLaw is cloud based. That means all of your data is stored in a secure cloud environment on our servers. It is not stored on your laptop or mobile device. This offers both security and convenience. You have access to NuLaw and your data around the clock without having to worry about someone hacking your device and stealing stored information.

NuLaw is also responsive. What does that mean? It means the application works seamlessly regardless of the device you are using. All the same functionality and visual acuity you enjoy on the desktop or laptop is experienced when you use NuLaw on a tablet or smartphone. The application has been designed that way for a reason: we understand that working remotely is part of a lawyer’s job.

We do not have to tell you how important mobility is. You experience it every day in your work. What we can tell you is that mobility is a lot easier to embrace when your legal case management software is mobile friendly. NuLaw is.

If you still use legacy software that doesn’t fit your mobile lifestyle, it’s time to change things up. And if your firm is using a cloud-based application you are not happy with, you have yet another reason to consider NuLaw.