As a managing partner or senior associate, you went to law school to learn how to practice law. You are very good at e-discovery and researching case history. You are an expert at looking at every aspect of a given case before making logical decisions about how to proceed. But when it comes to making business decisions, you are not as skilled.

Lacking in business acumen is nothing to be ashamed of. After all, you do not have a degree in business management. Having said that, you still should not make business decisions based on gut instinct or your best guess. You would not practice law that way. Don’t run your business that way.

NuLaw is a legal case management application built on the Salesforce CRM platform. We chose this platform because it allowed us to incorporate solid business tools with legal case management. We believe our software can help you make better business decisions.

Data and Analytics

The place to begin is with data and analytics. The truth is that modern business runs on data. Any business that is not data-driven is not competing to the best of its ability. That is true whether you practice law or operate a home contracting business.

NuLaw has built-in data and analytics capabilities designed around the legal industry. As just one example, you can have a snapshot view of your firm’s entire financial picture just by customizing your dashboard. You will know at a glance what your future billing looks like. You can instantly see past billing, how much revenue your firm is generating, and so forth. That is the kind of information you need to make smart decisions.

Automation Capabilities

We’re especially proud of NuLaw’s data and analytics capabilities. However, we haven’t stopped there. Our software also makes use of the latest automation technologies to help keep things on track. We can use financials here as an example yet again.

By embracing electronic billing, your firm will be taking advantage of a number of automation technologies that keep billing moving. You will always know exactly where each bill exists within your system. If a bill is being held up, you’ll know who in your office is holding it up. Electronic billing also guarantees bills are published and sent out on time, meaning you get paid faster and every penny your firm is due.

Automation improves decision-making in everything from billing to calendaring and case acquisition. You and your team members will have a clear understanding of what’s going on in your firm so that you don’t have to guess. That always makes for better decisions.

24/7 Access to Data

How many times have you or one of your attorneys been faced with an important decision but lack the data to make that decision intelligently? With NuLaw, such scenarios are a thing of the past. That’s because NuLaw is a cloud-based application that is accessible from virtually anywhere. With your cell phone, tablet, or laptop, you can login to NuLaw anywhere you have an internet connection.

What does this mean? It means you always have access to data no matter where you are. Get your data at the courthouse or while you are meeting with clients. Access it while you’re at lunch, during your commute, or even at home when you suddenly think about something you hadn’t thought of before.

Access to data is critical for sound business decisions. Along with automation capabilities and NuLaw’s built-in data and analytics, it will help you be a better business owner capable of making decisions the same way you do when you’re working a case.