Is it fair to say that the legal profession has been slow to adopt the cloud? We think so. That, despite the fact that cloud technology has matured quite a bit since it was first introduced back in the late 1990s. The modern cloud is overtaking business on so many fronts; it is time for the legal profession to get in on it. Enter NuLaw.

NuLaw is a cloud-based legal case management platform capable of taking any law firm to the next level. By transitioning every aspect of case and practice management to the cloud using NuLaw, law firms from coast-to-coast are becoming more efficient and productive. Your law firm can do the same.

Here are three reasons to move your case management to the cloud, via NuLaw:

1. The Cloud Is Secure

One of the early concerns of cloud computing was security. IT teams were convinced that storing data in the cloud was inherently less secure because said data was out their control. Those concerns were legitimate way back when. They no longer are.

According to a 2012 study cited by TechTarget’s David Linthicum in 2014, data at the time showed that cloud environments were no more likely to be attacked than local networks. Furthermore, the study showed that data access was more critical to security than data location.

The findings of that study were echoed in a piece published by The Conversation in January 2018. That piece made the case that cloud security is superior to most forms of local network security for the simple reason that cloud data is encrypted. Moreover, access to data is heavily restricted in the cloud. The combination of both makes the cloud a secure place for case management software – even if you believe local storage is equally secure.

2. The Cloud Is User Friendly

Next is the issue of usability. A law firm working with case management software hosted on a local network restricts usability to that local network. The cloud opens up usability. The contrast is obvious to any lawyer who finds him or herself attempting to work on a case outside of the office.

That lawyer must connect to that local network in order to access data. That’s all well and good, but does the network support multiple devices? In other words, does the case management software the firm uses play well with smartphones and tablets, or does it only work with computers? Furthermore, how is the local network accessed from the outside?

Cloud-based software is not limited to desktop PCs, laptops, and temperamental local networks. Cloud-based applications are accessible from virtually anywhere one has an internet connection, using virtually any modern device.

3. The Cloud Encourages Automation

Finally, the concept of cloud computing is framed around the idea of efficiency. To that end, the cloud invites automation as a matter of course. You can see that clearly in the NuLaw software. We have built automated features into the software for the sole purpose of making law firms more efficient.

Take milestones, for example. Managing milestones manually takes time and effort. But it is totally unnecessary. We have automated milestones within NuLaw so that attorneys and their staffs can focus their limited resources on more important things.

The cloud is not only a storage and application environment, it is a completely different mindset. Moving your case management software to the cloud will change the way your law firm does business in the modern world. Moving it to the cloud with NuLaw will put you on the cutting edge of an entirely new mindset in the legal profession.