We often talk about cloud-based legal case management software and how it benefits law firms. Yet said benefits do not end at the law office door. They reach outside of the office to touch the lives of clients as well. Clients appreciate working with their attorneys in the cloud once they figure out how it works.

It is with this in mind that we encourage law firms to choose their case management software wisely. A new package that engages clients as much as office staff is one that makes for better attorney-client relationships. That can only be good for a firm’s long-term future.

Accessibility from Anywhere

A big plus that came out of moving law firm operations from paper to computer network was giving clients access to relevant data. Perhaps a client wanted to read a document prepared by her attorney. She could log onto the network and read away. Cloud-based software has taken that basic function to the next level.

The cloud gives clients accessibility to information from anywhere. They do not need to visit their attorney’s office to read a paper document. They do not have to sit behind a laptop computer at home. Just by bringing up a smartphone app, they can access the information they are after no matter where they are. This makes clients very, very happy.

Accessibility at Any Time

Cloud-based software and mobility combine to provide another great benefit to clients: accessibility at any time. Clients know they can log on and retrieve information 24/7/365. If that means reading an updated brief at three o’clock in the morning, giving clients the capability is a smart move.

Part and parcel with 24/7 accessibility is the reality that modern cloud environments often boast 99.9% uptime. Through better hardware and built-in redundancy, it is becoming more rare for data systems to be entirely down for more than just a few minutes. Clients know and enjoy the fact that they have uninterrupted access.

Data is Kept Secure

Very few people would dispute the need for data security in the internet age. With so much information now online, it is absolutely critical that any enterprise in possession of data take every step necessary to protect it. The cloud does that very well.

Cloud adoption was not all that promising in the early years of the 21st century. There were plenty of security concerns that scared enterprises away. But those concerns have been mitigated for the most part. Modern cloud environments are among the most secure environments on the web.

Consumers are savvy enough to know that. They use the cloud for so many other things that it is second nature to them. So when a client learns that his attorney’s case management software exists in the cloud, he has confidence that his data is secure.

Collaborating is Easier

Creating a collaborative environment that allows clients to work seamlessly with attorneys and support staff goes a long way toward strengthening the attorney-client relationship. The cloud is the ideal tool for creating such an environment.

As just one example, NuLaw offers a number of features that enhance communication among all parties involved. By communicating directly through the software, everyone involved in a particular case can collaborate in real time. Participants are not wasting time playing telephone tag, exchanging e-mails, and so forth.

Moving case management software into the cloud is wise for a number of reasons. It makes for better business and more efficient matter management. It streamlines managing cases from acquisition to conclusion. And it strengthens relationships with clients by making them part of the team.