Our sales team has called on many a client who seemed uninterested in our cloud-based case management software due to cost concerns. But when given the opportunity to explain the cost-effectiveness of our solution, things changed. Suddenly they were interested in learning more about NuLaw and how it could help their practices.

We get the fact that cost is always an issue when you are talking software upgrades. We also know that plenty of law firms stick with the status quo because it seems to be working. They do not want to spend on new software when what they are currently using seems to be working just fine.

If your firm is in that position, would you give us an opportunity to explain the financial benefits of NuLaw? We believe we can justify the cost of a new cloud-based case management application in all but a few cases.

Maintaining On-Site Hardware

We are extremely proud of the fact that NuLaw exists in the cloud. We firmly believe that the cloud is not the future of software – it is the here and now. We also believe that most law firms will save money in the long run by moving to the cloud. The savings begin with not having to maintain on-site hardware.

The useful life of your typical server is anywhere from 3 to 5 years. Let’s say five years to be on the high side. Over 30 years of owning a law practice, that means replacing hardware six times. Every replacement means hardware and labor. And yes, the price of both goes up with every upgrade.

When hardware breaks – and it does – you bear the entire cost on your own. If broken hardware results in a software crash and significant data loss, you bear the expense of repairing the damage. Move your case management software to the cloud and all those problems go away. We take the hit on hardware. It is just one of our costs of doing business.

Software Upgrade Costs

One of the reasons we are talking costs is the simple fact that switching to NuLaw does involve some upfront subscription fees. But as you know, upgrading your local software costs money too. We are willing to bet you would spend more to buy new software and licenses than you would on a software subscription.

Even better, you might pay your software developer every time you need an upgrade. That’s not the way cloud software works. Cloud software is presented as a service. You subscribe to the service, not the software. Our job is to maintain and upgrade the software on a regular basis. We do that without any additional charge to you.

Maintaining an IT Staff

If hardware and software costs are not enough, consider maintaining your own IT staff. We all know that labor costs are the highest costs of doing business, and there is no exception for the legal industry. Maintaining your own IT department is a costly venture that requires paying several skilled individuals a good salary plus a generous benefits package.

You do not need a large IT staff with NuLaw. Why? Because we are your IT staff. You only need one or two IT pros to handle maintaining your computers and mobile devices.

It is our firm belief that most law firms will spend less over the long term by switching to NuLaw. We would love the opportunity to sit down and discuss this with you further. If you are interested, give us a shot. Let’s see if we can justify your firm’s transition to cloud-based case management software.