Take a minute to ponder the following statement: practicing law is more administrative than actual practice. How do you feel about that statement? On a scale of 1 to 10, with 1 being ‘not true at all’ and 10 being ‘mostly true’, how would you rate it? Your answer is an indication of how much you need new practice and case management software.

It is undeniable that there is a business side to practicing law. After all, you get paid to represent clients. You are making money doing what you love in a practice you either own outright or in partnership with other attorneys. That practice is a business – both practically and in the eyes of the law.

The business side of law requires administration. That reality is the crux of this entire post. If administration is consuming too much time and too many resources, you need a better way. NuLaw may be that way. NuLaw is not just litigation management software or a pretty billing package. It is a comprehensive platform that integrates every aspect of business administration and case management in a single package.

A Largely Administrative Job

The impetus for this post was a January 30 (2019) article published by Legal Week profiling a number of former practicing attorneys who have left behind the daily grind of the law firm in favor of founding legaltech companies that specialize in software solutions like NuLaw.

We were especially struck by the comments of two of the men interviewed for this article. One used to be an associate in a London law firm that specialized in commercial transactions. Assuming he would have plenty of time to spend wheeling and dealing on behalf of clients, he discovered that most of his time was spent doing administrative work.

The other attorney worked for a New Zealand firm that handled corporate acquisitions, mergers, and the like. He also found that he was spending more time on administration, specifically inputting data, and less time actually working with clients. He told Legal Week that he “increasingly became aware that even though there’s more client engagement as a senior lawyer, a lot of the day is still largely administrative.”

We seriously wonder how many other attorneys feel that way. We suspect many do. Outdated software packages and archaic ways of doing things have lawyers spending more time on administration rather than giving clients the attention they deserve. That is one of the reasons we decided to develop NuLaw.

Streamlining the Administrative Side

We fully understand the importance of law firm administration. We get the fact that case acquisition can be time-consuming and frustrating. We are fully aware that billing needs to be compliant and efficient simultaneously. We know that marketing is a part of practicing law even though it’s the last thing attorneys want to do.

We designed NuLaw to be a fully comprehensive package that combines the best aspects of office administration, customer relationship management, and litigation management software. We built it around tools that automate many of the mundane tasks that really do not require human involvement. We included secure communication tools to cut down on the inefficiencies of team communication and a law library module to cut down on the administrative work of creating documents and templates.

There is a lot more we could tell you about the administrative benefits of NuLaw. Suffice it to say that we are confident we have put together one of the best administrative and litigation management software packages on the market. We would love the opportunity tell you more about it. What do you think?