There are three kinds of businesses in the world: those that pay no mind to the future, those that respond to it once it arrives, and those that position themselves in advance. Your law firm is a business So how is it doing? How do the decision-makers at your firm approach the future? Positioning yourself in advance is the best option.

Ignoring the future is no way to run a law firm. The future arrives every morning when the office is opened for the day. Morning after morning adds up to a long future that can make or break a firm. As for responding to it when it finally arrives, that is not a sound strategy either. Responding is not proactive. Responding is a strategy that always leaves you playing catch-up. You are always behind the eight ball.

Positioning for the future in advance puts your law firm ahead of the game. When you position your firm for the future, you are not playing follow the leader. You are the leader. That’s the way it should be.

Wave Goodbye to Legacy Software

The most important thing any law firm can do to position itself for the future is to transition away from legacy software. It is called ‘legacy software’ for a reason: its legacy is in the past. We are not dealing the past at NuLaw, we are dealing with the future. It is time to adopt software that serves the needs of the present but is also ready for the foreseeable future.

That sort software has a few key characteristics. First and foremost, it’s found in the cloud rather than on local servers. Cloud computing is both the present and the future; there is no getting around it. That’s why we developed NuLaw as a cloud-based case management app and built it on the Salesforce CRM package.

Another characteristic is scalability. If you’re thinking about the future with the right mindset, you are planning on growth and expansion. You need software that can scale up along with your firm. If your software doesn’t scale, you’re going to have problems.

Say Hello to Mobility

Your typical law firm is very familiar with smartphones. But how do staff attorneys and other employees use their phones? The fact is that mobility is now king of the internet. Your firm needs devices that can utilize all that this mobility brings to the table. Old cell phones that cannot run modern apps need to be retired.

If your firm utilizes tablets and laptops, the same thing applies. Updated devices make the best use of updated case management applications, billing software, communication applications, and so forth. They do so safely and securely – as long as they are maintained to proper security standards.

Embrace Automation and AI

Two of the things that sets NuLaw apart are automation and artificial intelligence (AI). Both technologies are built-in to our software for the purposes of making running a law practice more efficient and productive. Note that the two technologies are quickly being established as mainstays of legal practice software.

Automation saves time and increases efficiency. Artificial intelligence enhances case acquisition, billing, calendaring, and even e-discovery. If your firm’s legal software doesn’t utilize automation and AI, you’re already behind the times.

The future doesn’t remain the future forever. Eventually it becomes the present. This is why it’s so critical to position your law firm for the future in advance. The goal is to be ready when it arrives. If you’re not ready, all you can do is respond or ignore. Neither strategy is viable when you’re trying to grow a practice.