Little more than a decade ago it was difficult to find a law firm that truly understood the benefits of the cloud for case practice management. In fact, not a lot of law firms were familiar with cloud computing in general. What knowledge did exist was limited by misunderstanding and misinformation. Thankfully, things have changed dramatically.

In 2019, almost every law firm is at least familiar with cloud computing. How can they not be? The cloud is all around us. It touches almost every aspect of daily life whether one practices law or works in a factory. The task is now to help law firms understand the relationship between legal case management and software as a service (SaaS), a relationship that benefits them tremendously.

We are glad to say that the marriage between case management and SaaS is nearly complete. The technology is there already. All that remains is getting the majority of America’s law firms to transfer case management out of the office and into the cloud.

Cloud Computing is Ethical

A decade ago there were genuine ethical concerns about transferring legal case practice management into the cloud. Attorneys were reticent to put confidential client information in the cloud for fear that it could be compromised. That is no longer an issue.

In 2010, New York lawyers were told by their Bar Association that they had been cleared by the Ethics Committee to start using the cloud. They were followed by nearly two-dozen states. The latest state to clear attorneys to embrace the cloud is Texas.

Benefits of SaaS in Law Practice

Despite the bar associations in more than half the states not yet answering the ethics question, it is generally accepted throughout the legal profession that cloud computing is ethical. So the next question is whether or not it is beneficial. The answer to that is a resounding ‘yes’.

Right off the top, cloud computing has transformed legal case management software from a local application to software-as-a-service. If you are not familiar with the SaaS concept, it is one that provides cutting-edge software on a subscription basis. Law firms that choose to use NuLaw are not actually purchasing a software package they install on their own local networks. Rather, they are subscribing to NuLaw in the same way a consumer would subscribe to a cell phone plan.

How does that benefit law firms? By freeing them of the responsibility of having to maintain their own software environment. Law firms do not have to install software on their local computers. They do not need an IT department that continuously runs security updates and fixes network errors. They do not have to constantly work with software vendors in hopes of getting half-a-dozen applications to play nicely together.

NuLaw and SaaS

The entire SaaS concept is one of purchasing a service rather than a product. Here at NuLaw, the service we provide is encapsulated in a comprehensive legal case practice management environment that incorporates case acquisition, intake consultation, matter management, billing, and more. All you do is practice law. We handle the software side of it.

Legal case management has been moving steadily toward the SaaS model for years now. It has been slow to date, but the marriage between the two technologies is almost complete. We invite you to learn more about it by taking a good look at NuLaw. You will find that our legal case practice management software is everything you need it to be, and more. And because it is offered as a service, you can leave all the technical stuff to us.