We are asked all the time what separates NuLaw from legacy case management software applications apart from the fact that it is based in the cloud. Such an open-ended question is very difficult to answer without actually demonstrating our software to customers. But if we had to summarize the differences, we would say that NuLaw combines the best of case management with customer relationship management (CRM).

At its core, NuLaw is essentially a Salesforce legal app. Our developers started with the well-known Salesforce CRM platform and built legal software around it. This was no accident. Furthermore, we did not choose this path to make developing our platform easier. We chose it because we believe in the power and potential of combining effective case management with proven customer relationship management principles.

Managing Client Relationships

We started with a CRM platform with the understanding that most of the principles of effective customer relationship management also apply to managing relationships between attorneys and their clients. At the end of the day, a law firm’s clients are its customers. Law firms offer representation as a service to customers in need of that service.

As such, managing relationships are just as important to attorneys as they are to hotel managers, retailers, etc. If a law firm’s case management software does not account for client relationship management, something else is needed to pick up the slack. We decided it would be best to incorporate CRM into a case management so that separate software is not required.

Characteristics of a Good Legal CRM Application

With our Salesforce foundation established, we then went to work on creating NuLaw as an application that streamlines everything from case management to marketing and billing – all with client relationships at the core. We discovered along the way that there are five characteristics that make for a good legal CRM application. All five apply to NuLaw:

  • Integration – A good legal CRM solution fully integrates with a law firm’s current systems. It may not integrate with existing software – especially legacy software – but it can replace that software completely. Integration with existing systems means less time wasted on duplication.
  • Efficiency – A good solution automates as many tasks as possible while streamlining the entire process from case acquisition to resolution. Greater efficiency allows attorneys to give more time and attention to their clients.
  • Experience – A good legal CRM solution improves the experience for everyone involved. It makes life easier on attorneys and their support staff; it improves billing and accounting procedures; it encourages real-time collaboration between attorneys and their clients.
  • Scalable – The legal CRM solution that is not scalable is also not worth investing in. Law firms need a solution that will grow with them. NuLaw does that. It is easily scalable so that a practice never misses a beat no matter how large it grows.
  • Secure – Finally is the issue of security. Clients have every right to expect that everything pertaining to their cases is kept in the strictest of confidence. They have a right to expect that their personal information will be kept in a safe and secure environment.

At the end of the day, running a successful law practice is about more than just winning cases. It is about nurturing positive relationships with clients who will not only return for future needs, but also refer the firm to others. Law firm management software should facilitate those relationships rather than working against them.

That is why we combined case management with CRM to create NuLaw. We invite you to see for yourself just how effective our cloud-based case management application is.