NuLaw is a legal practice and case management software application built on top of the Salesforce CRM platform. This is no accident. We chose Salesforce as the foundation for NuLaw because we believe in its underlying principles. These are principles that serve the legal industry well.

We like to say that NuLaw is where practicing law and client relationships intersect. The point of this post is to help you understand why. The foundation of this discussion is the reality that your law firm is, at the end of the day, a business. It would not exist if you did not have clients to represent. Therefore, your ultimate success rests squarely in your ability to satisfy clients.

Data Drives the Journey

The ability to convert complete strangers into satisfied clients is wrapped in something known as the ‘customer journey’. You can see the concept of the customer journey alive and well in the hospitality and retail sectors. More than any other, businesses in those two sectors have perfected the art of creating journeys that make for happy customers.

At the heart of it all is data. Effective customer journey management requires a plethora of data points that measure customer satisfaction and provider response throughout the entire journey. The great thing about NuLaw is that it provides the kind of data law firms need to create great journeys for their clients.

NuLaw offers disruptive data and advanced reporting in real time. Attorneys can take advantage of that data to sharpen their judgment, make better decisions, and put themselves in a position of being able to give clients exactly what they expect.

Collaboration Keeps Things on Track

If data drives the customer journey, collaboration is that which keeps the journey on track. Practicing law in the modern era is a collaborative effort that includes attorneys, legal aides, clerks, administrative staff, and clients. Everyone works together throughout the course of the case to achieve the best possible conclusion.

Once again, NuLaw is up to the task. Being built on top of an ironclad CRM platform, our law practice management app offers a number of great tools that facilitate better collaboration. For example, consider NuLaw’s built-in secure communication platform. It allows for direct messaging that keeps everyone in the loop. Communication takes place in the cloud so that various members of the team are not having to track one another down via e-mail or phone. Communication occurs in a secure, central location in the form of an ongoing discussion that promotes collaboration.

More Time for Your Clients

One last thing we want you to know about the NuLaw law practice management app is that it makes more time for your clients. Case acquisition is a good example. With NuLaw as your case management software, you will have the advantage of built-in tools that deliver qualified, compiled cases directly to your firm so that you spend less time hunting down new cases on your own.

Not having to spend so much time on case acquisition frees you up to spend more time with your current clients. If there is anything that enhances the customer journey more than quality time spent with clients, we don’t know what it is. Clients who believe they are getting the kind of attention their cases deserve are more likely to walk away happy with the service they received.

Practicing law in 2019 is as much about customer relationship management as it is winning cases. That is why we created NuLaw. If you want to know more about how it can revolutionize your practice, reach out at your convenience.